About Shannonside CBD

Shannonside CBD is a family run business, founded by Michael Shanahan in Limerick, Ireland.

Michael was first inspired by CBD oil in 2015,

when a relative began using it to calm her seizures. Never having had seizures before and suddenly being faced number of seizures a day, Michael was recommended by a friend to try CBD oil as a last resort. To everyone’s surprise - it worked! It wasn’t long before her once daily seizures subsided to zero and she was able to return to her normal life.

After seeing these results, several of the women in the family who struggled with eczema decided to try the oil as a topical, and found their skin clearing up after several weeks. In particular, Michael’s niece who had been prescribed ointments from the doctor for eczema covering her legs. After trying multiple creams and ointments, the only thing she found that worked was using this oil. After seeing the sight himself, Michael was convinced of the benefits.
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At first, the CBD oil was brought over from Canada, however when it was no longer available to ship to Ireland, Michael went searching for an Irish alternative. After meeting Daniel and Laura of Wild Atlantic Hemp, he not only began to buy their CBD oil, but to immerse himself in the process and lend a hand on their farm.
From 2018 to 2020, Michael helped Daniel and Laura harvest their crops in County Clare, and learned about the process along the way. When the pandemic struck the world in 2020, Michael’s full time work of fitting flooring was put on hold and he decided to delve head first into the business of helping grow Irish CBD oil.
Michael was able to apply for his first license to grow, on his Uncle’s land in Bodyke, Co. Clare – while still helping Daniel & Laura with their crops. He received his license in 2020, and grew his first crop in Bodyke. He then produced his own oil with Daniel in the Wild Atlantic Hemp production facilities.
As of 2022, Michael has secured his own piece of land in County Clare and with the help of Daniel Lyons, continues to produce Shannonside CBD oil in the Wild Atlantic Hemp facilities. 
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Our hemp is grown in living soil, by using microbial teas to feed the soil and regenerative farming practices to increase biodiversity, which strengthens the health and vitality of the soil. Pesticides or herbicides are never used. 
Shannonside focuses on providing high quality, full spectrum, Irish grown CBD oil, and soon hopes to offer full tracing of his hemp oil from seed to oil.

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